Audi Q3 SUV and S6 sedan set for India launch in 2012

The Indian auto market is likely to get two fresh launches from Audi India in the year 2012. Details regarding the same have still not been confirmed by the auto manufacturer. However, it seems that its Q3 SUV and S6 sedan have been lined up for a possible launch in 2012. As of this moment, the luxury car maker from Germany is busy strategizing on the right price in which it would introduce the Audi S6 into the Indian auto market, so that this upcoming sedan would meet with success here. Furthermore, Audi has always been attached to a particular strategy pertaining to launching its vehicles in India and introduces only a single variant in six months. Hence, it is expected that the Audi S6 is going to be launched in 2012 first half whereas the Audi Q3 is expected to be launched later in the year.

Audi Q3 SUV and S6 sedan set for India launch in 2012Expectations in the markets are that the A3 electric hybrid concept car is going to be showcased in Audi’s pavilion at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. Working on its pricing criteria gains all the more significance for Audi at this moment, particularly because the luxury car maker has made up a lot of plans for the Indian market in 2012. The desire of Audi to dominate the luxury car market in India is not hidden to anyone. The company is working strongly towards beating its strongest rivals, Mercedes Benz and BMW, in order to achieve the same. It has set itself a timeframe till 2015 by which it hopes to achieve its objectives. An increased focus at increasing its dealer network count across the country seems to be a component of this Audi strategy. Audi India is already present in 15 cities across India and is hoping to increase this number to 23. Although the car industry in India is experiencing a slowdown, one needs to appreciate the impressive pace at which Audi India is growing.

Audi Q3 SUV and S6 sedan set for India launch in 2012The Indian auto market has not performed to its usual high standards in the present year with a lot of car manufacturers experiencing negative growth. However, the segment of luxury cars has experienced a reverse trend by registering certain growth even in these unfavorable conditions. Among all these makers, Audi India has performed in an exemplary manner by registering a record growth. It has registered a quantum leap in its sales by recording a growth of 80% by this year end. Market experts are of the opinion that the Indian auto market is going to witness a revival in the year 2012 following its unexpected slow growth this year. It is expected that in 2012, the overall automobile market is going to grow by 30-40%. Audi, which always believes to grow faster than the market, has set a target of growing by 50% for itself in 2012.

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