Audi Q8 SUV Confirmed For Production

None goes vague for Audi. The Prologue A9 concept unveiled at LA Auto Show 2014 has compelled the automaker to be rolling out its new SUV called as Q8.

Reportedly, the chief technical Ulrich Hackenberg has affirmed to a leading publication that Q8 has received a green light from the company and will go into production soon. It will be based on the design of bespoken concept but unlikely to the Q7’s sporty design and seven-seating arrangement it will feature a coupe like structure and would sit at a far sporty patch rather than being the most of utility.

However, size will also matter. As nomenclature suggested a level above than the Q7, it means the footprint will be bigger and beasty. In line to this rival of Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming MLC the Four-Ringed automaker too is bound to roll-out other SUVs that are likely to be dubbed as Q1, Q2, Q4 and Q6.

Audi Q8 SUV Confirmed For Production

Q8 will see the launch in next three years. And as the predicament of Audi goes, 40% of its sales concluding 800,000 units till 2020 will be driven by SUV segment, so a revolution can be expected from the Ingolstadt (Germany) based automaker.

Markets like Middle East, China and United States are skimmed to be the major target for Q8. Hence, the A8 flagship sedan will lend ample of cues to it under the skin except for the larger body, tyres and so on. Adjustable air-suspension is likely to be used for the top-end variant.

Series of V6 and V8 petrol as well as diesel engines are meant to be engulfed in its bay. The possibility of a plug-in hybrid and an electric model isn’t completely ruled out.

Source: Autocar UK

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