Audi Q8 to be released as flagship SUV

The hype of Audi Q7 has not yet faded and not Audi is looking forward to unleashing the successor of the monster in the arena. There is hard talk going on regarding the release of Audi Q8 said to become the flagship SUV of the German auto heavyweight. The new upcoming neoterics mean machine will set wheels on the newly launched MLB platform. The Q8 will be much lighter than its antecedent and has been given a much meaner look. It is being stated that the upcoming Audi Q8 will comprise of 40 percent aluminum and 60 percent steel both of which are light in weight thus making the SUV lighter.

Audi Q8 to be released as flagship SUV

There is a lot of firepower under the hood that can be expected from Audi Q8 as it has been developed to give the best performance off the hook with advanced ergonomics. It is being stated that the engine that Q7 is powered with is the same engine that will make its way under the hood of Audi Q8. It will be the same four-cylinder base engine that was there in the predecessor model. There will be two V6 engines that will be present one of which will be capable of burning out a maximum power of 230 bhp whereas the other one will pump out a maximum power of 300 bhp. Along with these, there will be a V6 TDi engine as well that will be powering the car up to 250bhp. Last, but not the least, there will be the diabolic 4.2 L V8 engine which will be capable of delivering an immense power of 400bhp. There is an S version of the car as well which apparently has a 4.0 L V8 engine giving a maximum power of 550 bhp.

The launch will take place in 2015 and will lock horns with Mercedes Benz GL Class.

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