Audi Quattro might just return next year

Audi one of the most famous sports car platform, is preparing to launch a new version of its sports Quattro. The initial sports Quattro was launched in the year 1984. The sports car became legendary and was one of Audi’s best selling sports cars ever. It has been announced that at the Frankfurt Motor show, will mark the rebirth of its Quattro series. This is a very big moment for Audi as well Quattro fans, as with this year original Sports Quattro will complete its 30 long and successful years.

In the year 2010, Audi had proposed the plan of redesigning Quattro, at the event of Paris Motor Show. Quattro had been the most successful innovation for the team of Audi. While the original Quattro was launched in the year 1980, the sports Quattro came into the market in 1984. It turned out to be the best car build by Audi.

When Audi expressed the desire of re-launching the Quattro series, speculations were that, the model will first appear in 2015 which will mark the 35th anniversary of the original Quattro of 1980. But sources have revealed that, the team at Audi will be exhibiting the new model of Quattro at the Frankfurt Auto Show. This will commemorate the 30th anniversary of its most successful and iconic car, Sports Quattro.

Audi Quattro

This new Quattro will have a 4 litre cylinder in association with a V8 twin turbo engine. It is said to reach the speed of 60 miles/hour just after 4 secs of its start. It will exclusively have a 4 wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission. All this with an added spacious interior. The team of Audi has announced that, it will manufacture only a limited number of the new version, to make it a ‘limited edition car’.

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