Audi R20 to become the new flagship model of the company by 2016

Designers and engineers at Audi seem to be working round the clock trying to give tough competition to its rivals like BMW and Porsche.

‘R8’ has given its best as Audi’s flagship model. In spite of several facelift and upgrades, it emerged as the undefeated winner. But even then Audi doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the success that R8 has driven. Thus, the German carmaker is now planning to launch its new flagship model R20 by 2016.

The Audi R20 will be the next-generation hypercar, sporting a V6 twin-turbo diesel engine mated to dual-electric motors, mounted on the front wheels. The diesel engine is expected to yield the power of 700bhp and the ground shaking 1000 Nm of torque.

Audi R20 to become the new flagship model of the company by 2016
The Car will be based on the Audi LeMans LMP1 race car and will sport e-Quattro technology.

Audi R20 is expected to be a track-focused sports car rather than a luxury one. The interiors will depict the same. It is expected to have active contour seats, like we have in Mercedes Benz at present, all four point seatbelts and black panels for central display.

Just like the interiors, the exteriors too, will tell the same story. R20 is expected to sport vertical LED headlights, single-frame grille, gullwing-styled doors, full-length tail fins and adjustable air wings at the rear to control the brakes and also to achieve the top speed with ease.

Audi R20 will be launched in 2015 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and will see production in 2016.

It seems like Audi R20 will be too ‘Hot’ to handle, everyone wouldn’t be able to stick their hands on it. Audi thinks the same way as well!

So as expected, Audi will produce only 100-250 units of it.

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