Audi Readying A4 Vario To Rival BMW 3 Series GT

Just as revealed recently, BMW is working on A Class rival with the 1 series GT, which we now also learnt that Audi too is not left behind in the similar sorted race. It is readying the new variant of A4 to compete BMW 3 Series GT and will be name it as “Vario”. The A4 Vario will be based on the long wheelbase version of A4 platform and would expectedly drive the range of 1.4L to 2.0L TFSI motors. Most of the chances are there that it would make debut on Chinese shores only, yet some of the dry speculations say, Europeans and others will not be deprived from same.

However, the 2.0L TDI will too make into the list and would weep the 184 bhp whilst of a V6 TDI with 218/272 bhp.

New Audi A4 Vario

Good chances are there that S4 may also dwell itself in the same Vario avatar, but the futuristic plug in hybrid of 2.0L is rubbing it off strongly against the in-house competition.

A4 Vario is said to make debut till 2015.

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