Aurangabad makes room for an upcoming Audi Factory

The Indian auto industry is booming and that very scent of a thriving industry is drawing automakers around the world to grab a share in this fortune. From the likes of Fiat to KTM, everyone is setting base on Indian soil to be part of the money grab. India has recently emerged as a country that has shown great interest in cars and is making quite an investment in it. Car manufacturers, taking a hint, have been setting up their own plants in cities and even in far flung areas, diversifying their web to reach all corners of our country. But Indian’s always like to go the Indian way, wherever they are. The automakers believing in the philosophy of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’ have seen to that the car models are custom made to suit Indian economy and Indian roads. With a country with a vast expanse and having such climatic variations such as this, with economy being the only determinate, it is a difficult challenge that the car makers have been up against for the last decade. But the likes of Audi haven’t given up but are diversifying to make the most out of this market.

Audi Q3 in India

Audi India has been a venture of Audi from the Volkswagen family that started a decade back. After taking some time to acclimatize themselves with this new terrain, that is India, they are now ruling the roost with sheer growth and expansion. They registered an increase of 40 percent in sales in January, 2012, compared to the turnover for the same month, last year. It has already sold over 600 cars in January itself. This and other positive statistical reports and general feedback has incited the automakers to lay out ground work fast for new plants. The company is trying to outdo their competitors, the BMW and the Mercedes Benz and is well on their way.

And that brings us to Aurangabad!

Aurangabad, Maharashtra will witness a soaring industry taking shape right before their very eyes. The assembly plants are being set up at breakneck speed to allow for production to start this year itself. The plant is to churn out the Audi Q7 and the Audi Q3 models out of its factory line. The company is vying for the plant to come up quickly since they want to start off production of specifically Q3 as early as possible. It is being engineered to give their arch rivals, BMW a run for their money, since the Q3 will be locking horns with the BMW X1 model.  Michael Perschke the Head of Audi India seemed quite excited of the upcoming launch of Audi Q3 and went on to add that it would be their primary bread earner after its inception. It will be interesting to see how well does the Audi Q3 fair in comparison to the rival car, BMW X1. As for now all eyes are on the factory which is set to generate at full annual capacity a total of 8000 units.

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