Auto Makers Hope 2012 Auto Expo to Boost Sales

2012 Auto Expo to be held at Delhi from next week has already raised expectations among consumers waiting to see the latest announcements and introductions for auto makers. It has been reported that consumer excitement might be centered around 50 along with new car introductions, but 11th Auto Expo is gearing up for delivering on business end and provide a strong boost in process to industry in depression. The report also mentioned that against backdrop of India-EU Free Trade Agreement to be signed in 2012, 4 of 8 visiting automotive industry delegations will be from European countries, France, Sweden, Germany and Netherlands. Other visiting assignments are Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada and Japan. Vinnie Mehta, a Director General of ACMA (Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, a co-organizer of Auto Expo said that there are numerous groups coming with domestic supplier industry, which will be present in huge numbers.

Auto Makers Hope 2012 Auto Expo to Boost SalesAs per the report, the representatives from automotive industry bodies across markets will be coming to India to form business joint ventures and for survey on their component sourcing requirements. Automotive Component Manufacturers’ Association has decided to separate automobile manufacturing companies looking to setup global purchasing offices in the country. While expo-organizer and association of carmakers, SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) mainly targets consumers, Automotive Component Manufacturers’ Association focuses on creating business to business partnerships for their members. Besides visiting delegations, several nations have set up their own exhibition areas for promoting their firms in the country. Malaysia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Canada have rented larger floor space at 2012 Auto Expo. Groups from Indonesia and Thailand have taken lesser share at this event.

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