Bajaj RE60 to be launched before 2014

Bajaj had finalized to launch the quadricycle as soon as possible.

Hopefully being remained in the hype of media for quite a long time, government is also showing a positive step towards the same. Yes, published in one of the India’s leading newspaper, the government is looking forward to it, and had asked the law ministry to draft the gazette notification four this unique four-wheeled vehicle. It will then take time to next year i.e. till March 2014, and after that the official governing body of our country will invite the people to see and comment on it. And further if those comments would result positive, then final yet last green flag will be issued to the RE60 by Indian government. All these inclusive package of formalities may eat up the period up to six months of 2014, but would not take more than the whole 365 days tenure.

Seeing the new horizon rolling out in India, Maruti and Tata are strongly opposing the quadricycle concept because of safety issues. However, Bajaj had driven its RE60 off from such niggle and had placed it in the position where most of the chances looks green for roll out. So, less of disappointment seems to be travelling with us in the next year.

Bajaj Auto to launch RE60
Showcased at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Bajaj RE60 had raised eyebrows regarding the replacement of auto rickshaws. It houses 200cc DTS-i engine which churns out 20bhp and gives in the better amount of fuel efficiency. Four passenger seating capacity will be there and also an enough space to store their luggage for travelling last mile comfortably.

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