Bajaj ULC Not a Priority Till 2012: Says Renault

Renault India recently stated that their ULC project with Bajaj Auto is not their top priority, at least till 2012. Bajaj Auto has not yet revealed the prototype of its ULC car to Renault, in spite of repeatedly receiving requests for it.

The managing director of Renault India, Marc Nassif, said that as they had announced earlier, they will be introducing five cars to their portfolio in the Indian auto market by 2012. This is their priority right now, which does not include the ULC car scheme. He added that they cannot comment on the ULC car scheme as they are yet to see the product. Their focus right now is just the 5 new models they plan to introduce.

The company said that they would be taking a decision regarding the ULC project, once they had reviewed it, adding that it could be a great opportunity for them. Renault plans to sell 90,000 to 1 lakh models by 2013 in India.

Katsumi Nakamura, the company’s leader and VP of the Africa Asia Management, said quoted as saying that they have repeatedly asked Bajaj to let them see the prototype. However, they have only told them to wait further. Renault also said, identifying the country as among their three important global markets following Russia and Brazil, saying that affordable cars would play a key role, and the products, which will be introduced from 2013-2015 will mostly be mass market products.

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