BASF reveals its ‘Smart Forvision’ concept car in India

Bringing the electrical commuting to next level’, BASF one of the world’s leading chemical company, revealed a concept car named ‘Smart Forvision’ at the Indo-German Urban Mela in New Delhi. The car has been jointly developed by Daimler and BASF and integrates futuristic design with innovative technology that affects areas like fuel efficiency, temperature management and lightweight. Smart Forvision is also regarded as the best platform to showcase new and innovative technology.

Incorporating the automotive expertise of Daimler and material system skills of BASF, the vehicle showcases technology that delivers sustainable and complete electrical kinesis for the future. The designers and engineers have raised a mixture of visionary material and technology in this concept vehicle. Some of these technologies are still at the laboratory stage while the others have shown realistic chances of entering into production line. Smart Forvision was first revealed at the International Motor Show at Frankfurt.

BASF one of the largest suppliers of the chemical products for automotive industry has developed several sustainable and environmental friendly products for the energy efficient commutation for future. The two companies have combined their technological expertise to develop a vehicle that can provide answers for all the challenges that wait for us in the future.

BASF reveals its 'Smart Forvision' concept car in India

New light weight body components, transparent organic solar cells, transparent LEDs, infrared reflective films and coatings and all plastic wheels help the concept vehicle to reduce the total energy consumption to an extra low level and increase it range and hence its practicality.

Energy efficiency

The new state of the art material allows the new concept car to become more efficient, it doesn’t only uses energy efficiently but also generate it. This results in an increase in range and further contributes more towards increasing and improving economy and performance of this electric car. The concept features highly energy efficient solutions like power generating solar cells that are based on the energy saving dye on the roof. The solar cells combine with the organic light emitting diode and give this vehicle a real design enhancement in an environmental friendly way.

The main challenge behind the electric commutation is the production and usage of the electric power required to move cars. Electric mobility is quite effective during climate change and also protects environment if the energy required to drive it is produced with lower CO2 emission. For this consecutive reason BASF is trying to produce energy from renewable sources of energy.

Light weight design

Lighter vehicle requires less energy to move, and also allows for greater range. So, making vehicle lighter is one of the key challenges for the future. Light weight design would mean replacing the traditional metallic components with light weight composite plastics that could offer the same functionality and usage. The weight can also be reduced by using reinforced materials in load bearing components like chassis. Further the Smart Forvision also showcases the all plastic wheels using a high performance material Ultramid developed by BASF. The material is as stable as the metals but weights 30% less.

Comprehensive temperature management

Heating and Air conditioning systems are one of the major consumers of energy in a vehicle. The amount of energy that is being required to heat or cool down the car can be reduced by using comprehensive temperature management system. The system uses innovative materials such as polymer films in the windows and high performance insulating materials.

The vehicle brings together these innovative technologies from the chemical industry in coagulation with the automotive industry to produce unique mobility solutions. Working together chemical and automotive industry are making quite a significant changes in the safety, environmental friendliness and affordability of the vehicle. In form of Smart Forvision, BASF and Daimler had laid the foundation of an efficient, uncompromising and sustainable electrical mobility.

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