Battery powered GT40 hits 200kmph (Video)

Ford revolutionized the 24 Hours Le Mans racing with the introduction of the GT40 during the mid 60s. It was inevitable for this car to have immitators through the decades, and a bunch of go-fast-car wannabes just manage to pull it off. One particular GT40 copy has caught the attention for its under hood marvel. Andrew McClary has built a GT40 that is actually an EV.

In an outrageous attempt to build an EV GT40, McClary bought a rusty chassis and fiberglass kit for a 1968 Fiberfab Valkyrie. With some clever engineering, he doped AGM batteries on the prototype and after successful testing, he switched it with a 38kWh Lithium battery pack, delivering about 200 km range. The car can hit speeds up to 200 kmph, which is surprisingly quick for an EV.

Battery powered GT40 hits 200kmph (Video)

The best bit of this vehicle is the four-speed gearbox that is mated to the electric motor and runs without a clutch. In addition, the car is equipped with solar panels to power the cooling fans when the car is at halt. Now, EVs are not particularly gorgeous, but this one here has Lamborghini-like scissor doors and the wheels look pretty cool. The car has retro styling, nerve-wrecking speed and zero emission, what more could you ask for?

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