Bentley Mulsanne Speed Blue Train Special Edition Unveiled

There isn’t a better way to celebrate the victory of the most spectacular race of its time than launching a car’s special edition related to the title, thinks Bentley. For marking the victory of Bentley’s boss Captain Woolf Barnato of 1930 Blue Train race, Bentley has rolled out Mulsanne Speed Blue Train Special Edition ahead of the actual unveiling at Techno Classica.

The flagship of Bentley with this special title is done with new front grille included of square mesh and black alloy wheels replicating the original Speed Six.

It is the interiors where the automaker has focused a lot to upkeep with tag. Open the doors, the door sill will garner the attention with an encryption of ‘Blue Train 85 Years’. The fluting pattern on the door panels also mimics the patter of original work of Barnato’s car.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed Blue Train Special Edition Unveiled

That’s not all; a hamper is also included for the buyer who buys this car first out of the four limited units across Europe. The pack includes silver plated cutlery from Robbe & Berking, porcelain crockery by Haviland Limoges and crystal champagne flutes from LINLEY. There is also an Angora picnic rug in the bag.

Speaking about it, Richard Charlesworth of Bentley Heritage Collections said, though Mr. Barnato was three time champion of Le Mans, but the Blue Train race has fuelled the aspiration of Bentley Boys and also brought them in the limelight of spectators. Thus, this car elaborates the same sportiness of that era.

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