Beware of new carjacking plots

Well, its been some time since anything has been contributed to this section and the only reason why I am writing this is because of an inspirational email that I received from one of my friends. This can well be regarded as a warning from the Indian Police Department to all the readers of this blog. Just imagine, would you even bother about a small piece of paper stuck to the back of your car’s wind screen? If it was to be me, I would definitely get out of the car and check out what it is. This same thing, one of my friends was about to do but his co-passenger dissuaded him. Let me not go around in loops and tell you the details from the beginning. It so happened that Ajit (my friend) went to a pub and when he came out at around 11.30 pm, he unlocked his car. After he and his friends were seated in the car and he was about to reverse it, he noticed a paper stuck onto the rear windscreen. Being a stickler for car care, he was about to get out of the car and check it out. But then as mentioned before, his friend didn’t support that idea and instead asked him to drive on.

After they reached home, he went to the back side of the car and removed the piece of paper. It had been stuck with glue, so some one had intentionally put it there. Also there wasn’t anything written on it. The very next day, Ajit happened to come across a poster stuck by the Indian Police department. It says that a new method used by carjackers nowadays was to stick something on the rear windscreen of cars which are parked outside malls or pubs with dark parking areas. Once you get into the car and during the process of reversing, notice that something (paper) is hampering your vision, your next instinct would be to get out of the car and remove it. This is the right opportunity for carjackers as they appear from nowhere and dash off with the car. Moreover, if you are a lady driver, then its for given that you would leave your purse inside the car as well. Now, the thieves have got your car as also your identity papers and probably even home keys. While getting away with the car, they literally run over you.

Another ploy used by carjackers is to throw eggs on the front windscreen. This usually happens on deserted or dark highways. The immediate reaction of the car occupants would be to spray water on the windscreen or use the wipers. This is strictly not advisable as then the eggs mixed with water become milky and would hamper your line of vision. Eventually you would have to stop the car and get out. The thieves take advantage of this and rob you of your belongings.

The aforementioned incidents have actually happened in some states of India and so the Indian Police as a whole is on high alert to bring the culprits to book. As a responsible auto journalist, this was responsibility to share it with you guys. I hope that you guys would spread the message far and wide. Needless to say, we have set up the Facebook and Twitter links next to the article and you can share it amongst your friends also.

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