BlueMotion technology – an insight

Volkswagen India have launched their 2011 Volkswagen Passat in India with BlueMotion technology. Now the name sounds eerily similar to Mercedes’ BlueEfficiency and BMW’s EfficientDynamics. Well it is precisely the same albeit at a lower cost but with almost the same benefits befitting the other Germans. Like we had earlier reported that Volkswagen India are going to start a Think Blue initiative with the launch of the 2011 Passat, now we would be taking you through the BlueMotion technology world. BlueMotion essentially means providing the vehicle with exemplary power, fuel efficiency and at the same time leaving less of a carbon foot print. Now all these terms cannot be taken in the same vein or can they be? As they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”, this has been taken to the next level by Volkswagen with the BlueMotion technology.

To save fuel (in all the terms) we have options of cycling to work, car pooling with colleagues, taking the stair case instead of the elevators or even shutting off the car’s engine in traffic signals. However the new 2011 Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion does all of this without leaving out the convenience factor in them. To start with, under the hood, the Passat boasts of a high tech TDI engine which has the latest direct injection technology and a turbocharger. With this, one gets lower emissions, more power and higher fuel economy. The surge of torque that this car carries with it ensures that one doesn’t have to change gears too often, thus maximizing efficiency. The optimized gear ratios of this car with both the manual and Dual Clutch transmission have longer ratios, delayed downshifts and early upshifts in the interest of better fuel economy and proper combustion of the fuel. This car gets the Auto start-stop as standard and this ensures that the engine is turned off automatically at red lights or in a traffic jam. This happens only when the vehicle is stationary for more than 15 seconds. Once the traffic jam clears up or the lights turn green, just press the accelerator and the motor comes to life. Mind you, during this time, the other electrical appliances inside the car are still running, ensuring no discomfort to the occupants. There is also a gear shift indicator inside the car which encourages the driver to select the right gear, given the right condition, to maximize the fuel efficiency. Last but not the least, the car boasts of brake energy recuperation. The kinetic energy which is usually wasted during braking is now converted into electricity and recharges the car’s battery.

There are ultra low rolling resistance tyres and also friction saving materials inside the engine compartment to ensure a smooth sailing for the car and in the process aid in better fuel efficiency as also good driveability. Engine management software has also been highly modified so that the car runs in its peak efficiency all the time.

3 thoughts on “BlueMotion technology – an insight

  1. This tech. of blue motion is realy good and new for us. It reduce the waste of energy which normaly happen in other cars. Its have wow factor realy.

  2. blue motion tech. is the new future of the automobile ind…it will be new era of technology………..

  3. This technology has brought a new development in the field of automobile.It will help in reducing the green house effect and prove to be a boon for mankind

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