BMW and Toyota Looking to Join Hands for Eco-Friendly Sports Car

BMW is a leading luxury car manufacturer known to produce the best driver’s cars in the world. On the other hand, Toyota is known to be a leading car manufacturer producing the best of electric and hybrid cars. Now, the two leading companies are looking forward for a collaboration to produce an eco-friendly car. Certainly, it new launch would be a blend of excellent technology infused with elegance and a brilliant driving experience.

Before this, Toyota had also merged with Subaru for the production of Toyota FT-86, a sensational sports car. This great success further inspired Toyota to further merge with BMW to develop another brilliant sports car to stay tuned with the ongoing interest and demands of car enthusiasts.

BMW and Toyota Looking to Join Hands for Eco-Friendly Sports Car

With this collaboration, Toyota would benefit from the lightweight materials used by BMW whereas the luxury car manufacturer would benefit from the fuel cell development and electric drivetrain technology of Toyota. The merger would be certainly be a success with the best of technologies being fused with each other so as to roll out another sensational sports car.

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