BMW, Audi and Mercedes Taking their Showrooms to Customers

Even though the auto industry is very slow in developing, one cannot deny that it holds a lot of promise with it. This perhaps might be the reason that the luxury trio BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been doing all they can to make a mark in the Indian auto market.

The matter of fact is that rather than waiting for the customers to come to the showroom, the companies are taking the showrooms to the customers. Mobile showrooms of this trio (BMW, Audi and Mercedes) are visiting one town after the other. Vapi, Agra, Jamshedpur, Nasik and Madurai are amongst them.

These mobile showrooms are made up of prefabricated material and offer almost the same comfort as a brick and mortar office would. A mobile showroom is assembled in just four hours. It has the capability to display four to five vehicles. In addition, it is fully air conditioned and has a reception with a V.I.P lounge. If any willing buyer wants a test drive that can also be made available.

BMW Audi and Mercedes
As per reports, the companies claim that this concept is successful, as they are selling cars on a daily basis through this concept. BMW has said that it sold four cars on the first day itself. An interesting fact on the sales is that small town buyers’ prefer cash and 70 per cent of the urban city buyers prefer to finance the car.

The other reason of its success is that auto companies save on cost of having to build permanent showrooms. This also allows them to go to areas where building a showroom is not easy.

As per reports, “What begun as a trial is now undertaken regularly with automobile firms capable of penetrating into interiors of the nation. The other benefit of these newly opened showrooms is that cost of building is kept to minimum whilst firm is capable of gauging market zones and prospective clients in these regions before resorting to hefty investments to set up permanent stores in the region.”

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