BMW crosses one million unit sales in July 2012

Reaching a milestone in the first half of the year itself in 2012, BMW group announced it to the world that they had clearly accomplishedthe sales result in the month of July. Obtaining a total of exactly 135,537 unit sales as opposed to previous year’s 129,102 units that MINI, BMW and Rolls Royce delivered worldwide the previous month, the company has had a sales hike of almost as much as 5% greater than the previous year. More than one million vehicles sold all over the world in the first seven months served as the new benchmark since this target has never been achieved before. From January to the month of July, there has been a boost in the deliveries as it climbed up by 7.6% to the number 1,036,088 as opposed to the previous year’s 962,493.

BMW Group seems to have made a strong foundation in parts of Asia during the first 7 months of the year. The sales climbed up steeply by 25%to the figure 274,058 from the previous year’s 219,204. During the month in which it was being reviewed, sales increased by 20.8% to this extraordinary figure of 36,128 vehicles relative to the last year sales of 29,950.

BMW crosses one million unit sales in July 2012

Many of the major markets in of Asia have had an experience of a growth in terms of double digits including countries like Japan, China and Korea. More than 182,048 MINI and BMW vehicles is said to have been sold in Mainland China reflecting a sales increase of 29.6% in sales. The BMW X1 and BMW long Wheelbase 3 series are being anticipatedto be the contenders who would provide further growth in the 2nd half of 2012 in China. Though there was stability in the markets of Europe during July concerning the BMW Cars,it delivered 60,855 units in that month itself. BMW 3series Touring accounts for two-thirds amongst the BMW 3 series registrations in its home market at Germany. The BMW Group expects to further increase its sales in the European markets once this 3 series is launched in the month of September. The first seven months in America, BMW successfully delivered 227,696 vehicles reflecting an increase of about straight 8% from the previous year. The BMW Group overall is up by 9.5% in terms of sales in first 7 months in the year 2012 as compared to 2011’s 169,641 units. With the BMW 3 series with its xDrive system and BMW X1 arriving in September 2011, the BMW Group expects to provide a more robust momentum during the second half of the year.

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