BMW i3 Coupe concept disclosed

The much awaited BMW i3 concept electric coupe has finally been uncovered. But this time the i3 is a three-door model instead of the five-door one which was showcased earlier.

As per reports, the new BMW i3 Concept Coupe is broader compared to the 5-door i3 hatch, which will be obtainable in global markets by the coming year.

Moreover, the new vehicle is differentiated by a sloped roofline, deeper back side windowpanes and a slightly more angular tailgate.

BMW i3 Coupe concept disclosed

Even though the 3-door has thus far to be signed off for fabrication, top BMW functionaries said that price and fabrication feasibility researches have been conducted.

And it has come forth that a soft-top edition of 3 -door i3 is also in the process of being built. The i-car line-up could finally have up to 5 models comprising three i3 hatch-derived vehicles as well as two i8 sportscars.

The new BMW i3 concept coupe is 119 millimeter longer, 243 millimeter narrower and 18 millimeter lower as compared to the 5door.

The BMW i3 Concept Coupe features an uncomplicated dashboard boasting an incorporated digital instrument binnacle, less switchgears and a free-standing, central satellite navigation monitor.

Most of the controls are accessed through an iDrive turning controller positioned between the seats on the front side.

To obtain maximum power from the battery, a dashboard-mounted ‘Driving Experience Control’ button provides 3 driving ways that comprising of Eco Pro and Comfort.

The company is also exhibiting several new webt-based keys, which will be made available to purchasers of its novel BMW i brand models below the Connected Drive banner on the BMW i3 coupe.

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