BMW i3 electric car to be revealed on July 29th

BMW is ready to uncover the production edition of its much awaited electric vehicle the i3 by the end of this month.

The date finalized by the auto firm to unveil its super car is July 29, 2013.

Around 2 year ago, the well known German luxury auto manufacturer had exhibited this car as a model at the highly anticipated Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be BMW initial mass production ‘e’ vehicle.

The authorized automobile show debut of the vehicle will happen at this year’s Frankfurt Automobile Show during the month of September accompanied by a later introduction in the market.

BMW i3 electric car
The car to be disclosed by this month, is totally different from that of the primary model exhibited couple of years ago.

At present, the vehicle obtains refreshed bumpers, shorter back doors, innovative lighting on the front as well as back.

The new to-be-launched electric vehicle will get power through a back-mounted electric motor, which fabricates 170bhp along with 244Nm of peak torque.

On a complete sole battery charge, the vehicle can cover up a distance between 128 and 160 kilometer (km), and the car will also boast an optional range extending double-cylinder gasoline motor that will augment this figure to approximately 300 kilometer.

In addition, the new car will also come with 3 drive situations that consist of the Comfort style, Eco Pro type in addition to the Eco Pro+ form. The toughness and ease of the new concept car can be best lived in the standard Comfort situation.

Before its real introduction in the European market, more than 1 lakh requests are already recorded for its first drive.

It is likely to carry a price label of around 29,000 Euros (about Rs. 22.50 Lakh) in the German market, and will be introduced by the last quarterly period of 2013.

For the Indian market, it is pretty early to remark whether it will come or not, as the existing hybrids and e vehicles in the country are still not selling in honest volumes.

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