BMW M3, M4 Launched At Rs 1.19 Crore And Rs 1.21 Crore

Just as said, automakers are going gaga over bringing the performance models to India. It’s now BMW once again, after the new M5, to launch a couple more of them: the new M3 and M4 for Rs 1.19 crore and Rs 1.21 crore  (ex-showroom India) respectively.

To be a bit precise, M3 and M4 both have lost their V8 engine of previous generation, and have gained a inline twin-turbo 6-cylinder motor that produces 431bhp and 550Nm of torque mated to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox – provided with pedal shifters behind steering. Likely a suitable car for most of the drifters both sent traction to rear wheels, and for racers they clock 0-100kmph in 4.1 seconds. The given amount of money has tuned BMW to deliver only 250kmph of max speed. All thanks to light-weight materials allowing them to tip the scale before 1,500kgs. Hence, the low on weight mechanism has also boosted the fuel-economy figures, which we wouldn’t like to unfold here for the reason of its performance branding and no utilitarian appeal, the German automaker had claimed it to be delivering 25% better results than before.

BMW M3, M4 Launched At Rs 1.19 Crore And Rs 1.21 Crore

From inside, cabin of M3 and M4 reflects the similar aura of 3-Series sedan, albeit minor changes. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), launch control, and three driving modes – comfort, Sport and Sport plus – are already on-board for those who were curious about the technical extravaganza.

Just for the saving grace, M4 is a coupe with two-doors and comparatively low-slung but M3 is a full-fledged sedan (like 3-Serries) with four-doors.

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