BMW Mini Cooper in India: Review

In the past decade BMW has surpassed its own expectations and are now sitting on the throne in front of other compatriot luxury car segments. The reason behind this lies in the fact that BMW has a diverse variety of models which have met with huge demand. From sedans to SUVs and MUVs MW has now reached completed its diversity aspiration by launching the Mini Cooper in the Indian market.  Having Volkswagen Beetle as a tough close-by contender BMW decided to launch its hatchback edition in the lucrative Indian market and thus BMW decided to showcase its exclusive series of Mini Cooper at 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi. People wanted this marvel to roll on Indian roads. The primary factors adjudging the positive response are critically examined as follows.

Design Feature:

BMW Mini Cooper series have been designed keeping in mind a sporty outlook. The front apron of the car hosts the air intake system which has been designed to be large and along with this, there is an air scoop attached to the bonnet of the car. The entire Mini Cooper series have their model identity inscribed on their side indicators and there are two tailpipes which are fixed at the rear apron.

BMW Mini Cooper in India


BMW has given the interiors of Mini Cooper a funky look. The dials are big and cartoonish whereas the choice of colors used as a décor for the dashboard have been made in such a manner so as to add an oomph factor to the whole cabin. Inside the Mini Cooper one will see interior lights which have been designed by BMW and provide a whole new feel to the person sitting in the cabin. And the best part lies in the fact that these vibrant colors can be altered by just by a common switch and one can adjust their color in accordance with their mood. People have specially gone into raptures over the aqua and the red color as these two colors always suit with the mood and thus are the most common colors to be set inside the cabin. The distance between the driver’s seat and the dashboard is more than usual and one will come across an outsized Speedo circular in shape. Leg space is ample for the passengers sitting in the rear and thus even if the car might seem small from outside yet one will commend the ample space Mini Cooper offers.

BMW Mini Cooper interior

Engine and Transmission:

BMW Mini Cooper has been launched as 1.6 petrol version and its diesel counterpart. BMW will be launching only its automatic transmission models in India and not the manual ones. The 1.6L petrol engine is said to give an impressive torque and power at the same time by enhancing the rpm. A further upgrade in the car has been the installation of racing exhausts which comes in few models of Mini Cooper and along with that BMW has installed advanced air filter and suspension. Mini Cooper comes with 17-inch racing wheels which gives the car a sporty look.

BMW Mini Cooper engine

Pricing: Rs.25.9 Lakh – Rs.31.9 Lakh.

BMW Mini Cooper in India

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