BMW reveals London Olympic park pavilion

At the verge of the award winning design and BMW’s Park Pavilion at Olympic park, audience will get a stunning view of the vehicles on display at this remarkable structure. To start with the 2012 London Olympics, BMW has unveiled their London Olympic park pavilion gorgeously decorated with several of new MINI and BMW vehicles including BMW i3 and i8 concepts.

The peculiar design of the pavilion was derived from an award winning British architecture firm. The design reveals BMW’s commitment to incredible design and sustainability keeping in view the future of the industry.

As the final countdown for the London Olympics began to tick, BMW group revealed their  London Olympic Park Pavilion, which is expected to draw attention of thousands of visitors each day. Designed by an award winning architectural firm, the Park Pavilion shows the significant addition to the Olympic park. The pavilion will be showcasing company’s finest range of vehicles in the charming background of Aquatics center and Olympic stadium. The pavilion exhibits current model as well as the concept cars of the future.

BMW reveals London Olympic park pavilion

The pavilion gives a floating appearance as the river water flows along its sides to generate a constant changing disguise. The lower floor area is dedicated to the 2012 games fleet and displays for the visitors BMW’s vision of future transport. These also include displays that reveal how BMW assisted athletes to make their way to London 2012. The pavilion also displays BMW’s future concepts including BMW E-Scooter and the BMW’s Pedelec concept, a Mini Rocketman concept, which is the revised version of the original concept that first appeared in Geneva Motor Show 2011.

MD of BMW group UK, Tim Abbott stated that the role of the pavilion is to explain BMW’s support as the Automotive partner for the London Olympics and also to provide a symbol for the innovation and design strategy implied by the group.

Water plays a dominant role in the design. The Waterwork River provides the water which is in turn used to cool the building by flowing it through the wall before it is discharged again into the river. The upper floor is surrounded by the water, shimmering views of the park, each of the rooftop is composed of unique light roof and slight straight columns designed to complement other structures.

The BMW’s pavilion will be accessible to all the visitors throughout the games.

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