BMW Teases 1 Series for India

Just witnessed the launch of Mercedes Benz A Class, now we are yet to receive its rivals in the repertoire of other German brands. Hence, it is A3 sedan from Audi and the 1 Series from BMW.

The former one still seems far from the Indian shores but now we had seen that Bavarian is keen to roll out their new entry level vehicle 1 Series in India. They had started teasing the same on official website. The carmaker too had launched an website on the 1 Series theme and is running a contest on it for letting the chance to drive this Bavarian hatchback in Germany alongside its Indian brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, and the Indian FIA GT driver Armaan Ebrahim. Out of the whole lot only 10 lucky winners will be bestowed with a chance for the fully paid trip to the homeland of Bavarian and screeching the 1 Series on tracks alongside bespoken maestros.

On the sidelines of BMW 7 Series facelift launch, President of BMW India Mr. Philipp Von Sahr had said that 1 Series will be launched in the month of September. Though not all that bad, the German automaker can still slip into the good course of sales figures due to the festive season slated nearby after roll out.

The 1 Series in other countries is sold between the versions of 1.6L to 3.0L for petrol variants whilst of 1.6L to 2.0L clubs of diesel variants.

BMW Teases 1 Series for India

We cannot reveal more than this but will try to capture something soon by roving our hands in the flicks of air.

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