BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

We may have to wait until July for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but BMW, official automotive partner to the 2012 Olympics has already unveiled its fleet of cars. The German automaker has unveiled about 4,000 vehicles it will supply to support the show, including SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles and electric vehicles. With the scheduled event fast approaching, the first batch of vehicles has already been delivered to London, while more vehicles keep flowing in.

In figures, there are 200 electric cars supporting the show that include, 160 1-Series ActiveE coupes and from BMW’s British portfolio, 40 MINI E hatchbacks. The vehicles shall be used to drive the media personnel, as well as judges, event organizers, event officials and staff, including medical officers, official photographers, crew, official rights holders and technical delegates.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

The 2012 London Olympic fleet also includes 2,477 cars and SUVs powered by diesel, with the most numbered, 320d Efficient Dynamics that will see 1,550 cars doing duty during the main torch relay, the cycling events and other supporting events.

Another diesel to join the Olympic lineup is the 520d sedans (700 in number) that will do the job of transfer and shuttle purposes, along with X3 xDrive 20d crossovers (17 in number), which will tow boats during sailing and rowing games. Its bigger brother, X5 xDrive 30d (10 in number), shall be used for towing horse ambulances at equestrian events, as well as providing on-course support.

Under BMW’s electric vehicles will be the 1 Series ActiveE EV (160 in number) that will transport athletes within the Olympic Park and also provide transport for the broadcasters. It will also do duty as Venue pool car for operational usage and supporting the Olympic Torch Relay.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

London shall provide 120 new ‘high speed’ charge points installed in five key locations around the city, with the first being installed at ExCeL London.

Finally, 5-Series Active Hybrid cars (20 in number) shall be used for shuttling purposes. Also supporting the event are the German automaker’s motorcycle lineup that includes R1200 RT (25 in number) that will see duty in road-based events. From the bicycle segment, BMW offers Streetcruiser bicycles (400 in number) that will do duty for operational support at water-based games.

From the MINI portfolio, BMW offers the MINI E electric vehicle (40 in number) that will duty as Venue pool cars for operational usage and besides support the Olympic Torch Relay. Also joining the lineup is the MINI Countryman Cooper D, which will provide ‘On demand’ service at key locations such as London Heathrow and IOC Hotels, as well as provide transport services to clients through call centers.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

BMW claims these vehicles fulfill the EU6 emission standards, while London currently holds standard the EU5 norms. The EU6 norms become standard in London starting 2014.

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