Bosch Group Plans to Invest Rs.2,500 Crore in India

Bosch Group is planning an investment of Rs.2,500 crore in the Indian market by 2013 for augmenting their capacity, R&D and business diversification in India. Bosch Group leads when it comes to supplying services and technology in the areas of industrial and automotive technology, building technology and consumer goods.

According to company officials, they will continue to meet the increasing Indian market demand by planning a Rs.2,500 crore investment in India from 2011 onwards till 2013. Their investment activities include augmenting capacity, diversifying their business portfolio as well as R&D.  From this investment, the flagship company of Bosch Group in India, Bosch Limited will make use of Rs.1,300 crore.

Bosch will be opening an electrical drives manufacturing plant in Chennai as part of their investment plan. The plant is projected to begin production in 2012 for meeting the increasing needs in this market.

One more important activity by Bosch Group, which is currently celebrating their 125th year, is related to software engineering and sustaining the development of powertrain electronics globally for diesel and gasoline engines as well as electric and hybrid vehicles.

The project will look into global difficulties of reducing CO2 emissions in powertrain electronics. The company will employ more than 800 engineers in Coimbatore and Bangalore. A major part of this investment will be utilized in new products to meet the unique and increasing market needs of India.

Compliant with Bharat Stage IV norms by its inline pumps, they are making more efforts to improve the pumps to provide increased injection pressure as to meet the forthcoming norms on emissions.

The company is also working on common rail to provided increased fuel efficiency for the low-priced auto segment. Another area they are working on is to come up with innovative solutions when it comes to tractors. Some of the other future products from the company could include start and stop systems as well as low priced ABS for use in two wheelers that form a significant commute option in India.

The company’s Board of Management member and auto group chairman, Dr. Bernd Bohr, said that their company’s encouraging performance will be another highlight for their anniversary year. He added that the company has seen a growth of 36% in 2010, compared to the previous year with an Rs.9.270 crore turnover. They hope to carry on this growth by readying themselves to meet the increasing needs of this market.

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