Catwoman leaps out in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ TV spots

2 New TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises have been on the loose and one of them emphasizes the role of Catwoman. She takes off with the car of Bruce Wayne, speeding away while wearing self pleased smirk. At the starting of same spot, we hear Catwoman taunt Christian Bale (Bruce), while they dance, while in the other spot, she is appealing yet tough as Catwoman clinches her teeth and growls to Batman out of seeming concern. Probably her roughness is because in part to popularly uncomfortable cat suit. She exhales slowly and takes these languid, long deep breaths. Hathway explained that there is a shot where she is puffing out a cigarette.

Catwoman leaps out in Dark Knight Rises TV spots
The function was originally made popular on TV series by Julie Newmar, then again by Halle Berry and then again by Michelle Pfeiffer. Heath Ledger was the one who won posthumous Oscar for his hysterical, gritty portrayal of Joker in the 1st installment of Christopher Nolan, director. It is worth noting this newest cast features Oscar winners Freeman, Marion Cotillard and Bale; Joseph Gordon Levitt, rising serious actor and Oscar nominees Gary Oldman, Hathaway, Liam Neeson. If everything goes well, in theaters 20th July, the The Dark Knight Rises could be a most significant Oscar competitor best directing and film and in acting segments.

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