Cheaper and lighter cars is the new mantra for automobile companies

With the recent advent of launches happening in the Indian car industry, manufacturers are turning to lighter and cheaper cars. Proof is the Hyundai Eon, Toyota Liva, Honda Brio and others. Automotive technology has come a long way from the earlier 60s and 70s what now with manufacturers trying and introducing newer technologies in even their entry level models.

Shedding weight is the most important thing in any manufacturer’s mind while designing or even conceptualizing a vehicle. Even SUVs are now going on a weight reduction. A heavier car needs an engine with more output to offset the weight difference while a lighter car with a smaller engine output means cost savings as also use of less metal. The cost of steel and other metals has forced manufacturers to hike the prices of their cars and hence an immediate solution to the same is to reduce the amount of steel used in a car. Classic case can be made of the XUV500 for which Mahindra and Mahindra had to shed flab and make it one of the lightest SUVs in its class. Before the labour unrest, Maruti Suzuki were given some incentives based on every weight reduction to the tune of every gram lost. In this way, Maruti were able to make about Rs 147 crores profit. Carbon fiber is also the new momentum for car manufacturers as it affords the rigidity needed and also at the same time costs less.

Hyundai Eon

Toyota Liva Mahindra XUV500

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