Chevrolet Completed 100 years of Its Existence Worldwide

Iconic Chevrolet brand completes 100 years of its existence worldwide and is celebrating its centennial on the third of November 2011. Since its incorporation by General Motors’ founder William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet in 1911, its biggest marque has come a long way. In very short period of time of more than seven years, the company has emerged as one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturing companies in India. With array of high performance vehicles ranging from exhilarating mini vehicles such as Chevrolet Spark and Beat to the most awarded premium sport utility vehicles, including Captiva, it has brought unrivalled customer care and product quality to Indian customers.

Mr. Karl Slym, Managing Director and President of General Motors said that Chevrolet is at present General Motors’ global mainstream marque and the establishment of company’s business in most significant markets across globe including India. He also said that they have marketed over 200 million cars in the first 10 decades and have a global presence for most of their history. At present, the company specializes in designing and engineering cars, crossovers and trucks; it is a worldwide enlightening brand embedded in most memorable life experiences of customers.

Chevrolet Completed 100 years of Its Existence Worldwide

Chevrolet entered into the Indian automotive industry in the year 1928 and maintained a legitimate reputation in the market by providing the discerning buyers and enthusiasts with high performance vehicles. Over the next couple of years, its romance with India continued through music and movies. After the non-existence for quite a few years, it returned to India in the year 2003 and marketed over 500,000 cars. At present, India is the 8th biggest market of Chevrolet brand in the world. Their cars have won plethora of automotive excellent awards from different media, automobile experts and independent agencies.

Chevrolet is dedicated to providing the car enthusiasts with reliable, fuel efficient and safe vehicles, which not only offer spirited performance, but also provide expressive design with high quality. Chevrolet is quickly expanding its nationwide service center network and dealership for supporting tremendous market demand for its vehicles. Internationally, it is the 4th biggest automobile manufacturing company, which is now marketed in over 140 countries all over the world. One of the star performers of the company is Cruze, which was formerly introduced in the year 2009 and has now become one of the largest selling cars in the world. Mr. Slym added that there is a great journey ahead and are committed to attaining greater milestones in 2nd-fastest growing automotive market in the world.

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