Chevrolet’s Cruze Station Wagon with a facelift displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Chevrolet has unveiled its Station Wagon Cruze in the Geneva Motor Show this week with a facelift. There is an addition of two new engines to the lineup of Cruze alongside the existing 1.6 liter petrol and 2.0 liter diesel which is found on the sedan. The new model will come in a 1.4 liter petrol and 1.7 liter diesel version which will meet the Euro-5 standard of emission. However, the exact specifications of the engines are not available yet, but as par speculations they should be somewhat same as the units found in the bonnet of Opel Astra.

The wagon offers a loading volume from 500 liters until the line of the window in the rear which could be packed up till 1,500 liters if it is filled up to the roof after folding down the seat. The keyless start with entry, an automatic start-stop function, a camera fitted for the rear view with MyLink infotainment system of Chevrolet are some of the latest equipment featured in this new model. The seven-inch full-color completely touch-screen high resolution display of MyLink, once connected to a smartphone, photo galleries, videos, phone books, personal playlist and other kind of stored data and media, as well as navigation applications can be easily accessed. As for the facelift, the bodystyle is new, fog lamps and headlamps adorn the front grille, the centre console has been modified a little to suit the new taste of the customer, and the finishing of the seat comes in a variety of choices with this model.

Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon

Since this model of Cruze compliments the hatchback and sedan version of Chevrolet, the diesel variant is definitely going to make waves once it reaches the market. But for now, Americans won’t be seeing this vehicle and Europeans will be the privileged lot to get to buy it. With the Euro-5 emission standard approval there is a very solid possibility of it to give its competitors in the European market a tough time. Susan Docherty, the Managing Director and Chevrolet Europe President said earlier that the new station wagon Chevrolet Cruze serves an important category of the market. It has all the features and qualifies to the European standard of vehicle in terms of economy and space, dynamic driving and distinctive design.

Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon

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