Common blunders while driving

It’s a proverbial situation. You are late for your office and are trying to cover the lost time in the process. So you invest in a little extra effort more and also try your hand at multi-tasking, emailing from your smart phone in order to get a head start. Before you discern it, you’ve got one of your hands recklessly beating away on the miniature keypad, the additional on the steering wheel, and your eyeballs are running overtime to stay on trail of it at once. Your foot is however doing fine heavily laying on the accelerator and pumping it for its worth.  That isn’t too safe folks, is it?

More or less all of us formulate them, so below is an inventory of several of the most dangerous and common blunders observed on the boulevard.

Frantically pressing buttons

Car component suppliers and the manufacturers jump through the hoop’s of their lawyer while developing the information console that consist of climate gauges, stereo controls and navigation system. And this has got a fair amount of reason. Fidgeting with these devices during driving is one of the leading causes of near-hits or accidents. Most of the latest consoles will not allow the driver to plug directions in to their satellite navigation at the same time as the vehicle is in paraphernalia but ironically all of the central consoles will allow the driver to finger with the stereo system. So, if you must do it absolutely, do away with it when your car is stationary.

Driving aggressively

Driving aggressively is a factor which was found in 56 percent of crashes which proved to be of fatal consequences. Though this phenomenon is up for debate but for the sake of argument,  aggressive drivers are classified as someone tailgating, failing to yield, speeding, passing on the left , making unsafe and improper lane shifts, weaving in and out of the crowd, jumping red lights and stop signs. Most if not all driver commit the same blunders on road which they detest to witness when other drivers make.

Feeling low on emotional-quotient while driving

Feeling upset is one of the chief causes for the loss of concentration that end up being fatal. Try not to drive while under such condition of mind. Abstract thoughts and emotional outburst can be a serious hazard while driving.  Other situation which distracts the driver inevitable is fighting over direction and maps or finding a parking space for your car. Try to grind your vehicle to a halt if you notice a deficit of concentration on the boulevard and take a stroll in order to cool off.

Unaware of Turn Signals

Let me tell you a short story to drive my point. I have learned this lesson the hard way. When I and my brother rode a Tata Safari at our sister’s wedding, we certainly did not expected giggles but respect. My younger sibling was behind the wheels while we traveled for about 20 miles in a form of a convoy flanking other guests. We certainly were enjoying all the stares and admiring looks on the way. We were of the opinion that it was for the two hunks who were riding a fire-red Tata Safari.

It was only during the speech by the groom that it dawned upon us that we have driven the entire way with the right turn signal flashing, to much jollity all round and tête-à-tête about dim drivers and their behavior. Turn signal blunders in my understanding are more frequent in convertibles, SUVs and trucks, when cabin and wind noise can subdue the clicking sound of the signal, in the process leaving the driver cataleptic to their mistakes.

Pumping at the incorrect pedal

This phenomenon is common with old folks. Many a times you might have come across this oft-told story, how your friend thought that he was applying the brakes but inadvertently it turn out to be the accelerator paddle. These types of incidents are rare but when they happen, are not lost on the memory.

Using mobile devices while driving

If you look at groups, teenagers are the most probable ones to wander their eyes away from the boulevard to pay heed towards their mobile device signals which include gadgets used for instant messaging, iPods and cell phones. This is the age group which is most likely wanting to make an impression by getting edgy behind the wheels or showing their latest gadget possessions to their acquaintances. 44 percent of teen deaths are attributed to car crashes. All the states and union territories of India have banned the use of handheld devices while driving. Another effect of this dynamic technology phenomenon is the reduced attention span, needless to explain why it is not an ideal trait for any conscientious driver.

Tailgating and Speeding

For most people driving safe is simple. We generally speed based upon the fact that is today and the greatest thing of all that can be said to people is to slow down. Successive government has resisted the need to raise the speed limit, still people around the country drive faster than the prescribed upper ceiling of speed limits. This phenomenon is not just the pet of teenagers anymore older and responsible people are party to it. Its not just about speeding anymore, people tend to drive very close to another. I believe it is a spill over from the super-hit computer game NASCAR effect. When people are chasing each otherstails all you need is a small unexpected, out-of-the-blue incidence and you will have a trail of destruction right behind your back.

Fasten up that seat belt

The rate of fatal crashes has shown an increase from the figures of last year. Out of which half of the fatalities were people who did not employ the seat belt while driving. Bad things are bound to happen when you ignore the safety regulations and believe me no one is completely immune from the devastation and damage that results due to not wearing a seat belt. After all what does it take? A small mechanical procedure we do everyday with our trousers.

Driving despite the fact that you are exhausted

Be wary and ensure that an energy drink hurtle doesn’t show the way to a road crash. Take a break. It’s simple, just take a small break.

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