Continuaton of the Nissan ULC project

Earlier we had reported about the Nissan Motors India Limited’s plans about the low cost car. Well, now we have unearthed another part of a scoop wherein the company would not be parterning with Ashok Leyland, their old partner, for this project. The reason given is that Ashok Leyland doesn’t want to be a part of the project. The Hindujas feel that the segment in which they are trying to put their hands is highly competitive and they may end up burning their hands. For this very reason, Nissan Motors India Limited thinks that they may be looking out for a new partner or may even go solo in this project. This small car would be positioned below the Nissan Micra which is been projected as a more up market car. However the car in discussion now would be positioned above the ULC. It would be more on the lines of Maruti A-star, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Estilo, Hyundai Santro, Hyundai I10 and the likes of Chevrolet and Ford small cars.

This multi crore investment project is aimed at starting a new product range for India with the small car setting off the project. Apart from the Nissan Micra, the company also exports the Maruti A-star under a different name and nose job. This car is known as the Nissan Pixo. It is exported to Europe. As of now Nissan Motors India Limited are doing research, model positioning and product viability. They are also conducting customer clinics to have a view from across sections. Till now, the company has received positive feedback. They would also now have to check out for a new design for this car. For a small car, the quality of materials used and ones befitting the Nissan badge would also have to be adhered to. The new car would be priced between Rs.3.0 – Rs.3.5 lakhs. Watch out this space for more information.

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