Daimler Trucks in India soon

News after news, the Indian automobile market might be intensifying for sure but especially the competition in the truck market in India is getting really fierce. Its getting as close as one has never witnessed by far. All the big and small companies are getting into the field and those who are already there are pulling up their socks and getting ready to fight back. Yesterday, we told you that Piaggio has launched its new first four wheeler mini truck in the market and now it seems that a German automobile company is also pooling into the market. The truck market in India has always been governed by the Ashok Leylands and Tata Motors but now as we already said, the German automobile giant Daimler is also trying its hand in the market.

Indian automobile market is one of the fastest growing markets in world and after its recent sales reports, it is sure that now many big and small brands across the globe are eying the Indian automobile market. Daimler for the same reason has come to India and has established a new brand name also. This German automobile giant has setup a new manufacturing plant at Oragadam in Chennai. The plant will be ready by next year under the brand name Bharat Benz. When asked the same question to a Daimler spokesperson in a recent interview, he said, “We are sure that Daimler trucks and Indian automobile market is such a lethal combination. We will provide the market with the best of our efforts and for the same reason we have adopted the name Bharat Benz as well. The reason for choosing the Indian truck market is because that we believe that by 2020 it will grow by two folds.”

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