Datsun Official Website Goes Live, Countdown for the Premier Begins

Since nearing the premier of first Datsun after the comeback, Nissan is playing all the aces of publicizing it in media, and as an outcome the official website of Datsun went live yesterday with full fledge. That is not an end to it; the portal also had started ticking the countdown for debut which is scheduled for 15th July 2013 at Gurgaon.

Learnt from their website, New Datsun will target the “21st-Century Risers”, it means young generation, and for the reason why it is slated so for them, carmaker will reveal it on the scheduled date at aforementioned location. Specifically one can also watch the revelation live on the Official website at 12pm sharp (6.30 a.m. GMT) on the D-day.

So one can now heave a sigh of relief after watching the sketches of ‘first Datsun’ and also the confirmation of dates for unveiling ceremony. Till the event happens you can watch their website and feel the excitement with every second that passes by.

Datsun official website

Datsun Official Website Goes Live

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