DENSO to demonstrate its technologies the first ever time at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

The Delhi Auto Expo 2012 is going to witness a first time participant. DENSO Corp. is making its debut at this event to be held from the 5th to 11th of January, 2012 in New Delhi. DENSO is going to introduce the advance technologies that has empowered itself to develop products in varied fields, including safety, convenience, comfort and safety.

DENSO India Chairman and Executive Director, Yasushi Nei has said that the company regards India as a very important market from the company perspective as it offers huge potential for growth. Hence, the company is planning to expand its business in India. Working on these lines, the company has decided to increase its production capacity along with plans of establishing a technological center for developing products in this region that would cater specifically to the demands of this region. As of now, DENSO has taken the decision to participate in the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo which is the biggest auto show in India. Nei regards this platform to provide the perfect opportunity for publicizing in India the technical strengths that DENSO possesses.

DENSO to demonstrate its technologies the first ever time at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo Among the exhibits that DENSO is showcasing is the Resonance 2021. This is going to be a cockpit simulator that has been envisioned for a car in 2021. This exhibit is going to allow visitors the opportunity to experience real time connection between people, communities and vehicles in order to make driving a much more safe, convenient and enjoyable experience.

The exhibits of DENSO are expected to vastly contribute to the environmental field mainly through its fuel efficient systems. The exhibits are going to include starters for the start/stop systems as well as the diesel operated common-rail systems. These are exhibited to offer India with emission standards that have not been achieved till date. Among the safety related features that DENSO is going to exhibit is fully colored complete screen instrument cluster made of TFT liquid crystals. This has been provided with a night view feature that is going to display pedestrians as well as other obstacles that are on the roads at night and also when the visibility conditions are very poor. In order to keep the passengers comfortable, particularly on hot days, DENSO is showcasing an ejector based air conditioner. This system is so designed that it can be used with adequate fuel efficiency. Other convenience products that DENSO is going to display includes a remote touch operated controller that enables the drivers of the cars to use the navigation system of the car and also the car controls using very little movement of the arms. In order to give its products due recognition, DENSO has taken the decision of participating in similar shows across the world.

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