Diesel Cars Soon To Be Phased Out In France

Diesel drivetrain consists the major chunk of cars plying on the roads of France. But the French government is about to change that scenario soon.

Specifically, the 80% of cars in French run on oil burners. And in the vow to accentuate the environmental issues country’s Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has laid plans to step-by-step phase out the diesel cars from the country till 2015.

As per the report, country will introduce the grading system for the cars used in that country. Under that, all the cars will be scaled under the identification and classification system which will rank the cars based on the pollution they emit. Further, a authority will then be authorized to ban those examples which are the filthiest.

Diesel Cars Soon To Be Phased Out In France

Stating more stringent vows on the diesel car buyers, Mr. Prime Minister had conveyed to gradually stop favouring the diesel cars as the France is long back supporting the oil burners. Now, it’s the time to stop that and move towards a eco-friendly state. In fact, the authorities are also in the league to promote the taxation system in favour of the petrol buyers. At present, the diesel is nearly 15% cheaper than the petrol.

Alongside, there was also an announcement made some days back reckoning the owners who will scrap their diesel cars and would opt for an electric vehicle will be derived up to a bonus of Rs 7.6 lakh.

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