Drive BMW by taking it on lease

Now you don’t have to buy a BMW to drive it. The German car maker’s financial wing has made it possible to own a BMW without actually buying it. They launched a new scheme named “BMW Lease“, by which one can drive the car by taking it on lease. It’s not that you are self-driving the car by hiring it, but you are taking the car on lease for a particular time period.

This scheme is for both the corporate customers and the individuals. Two types of lease plans have been made available – Finance Lease and Operating Lease. As per the Finance Lease option the customers bear the risk of possessing the cars. But the option is also there through which the customer can retain the car after the end of the lease period. The cars will be available at a price less than the market rate.

Drive BMW by taking it on lease
As per the Operating Lease option the financial wing of BMW will bear the risk of owning the cars and at the end of the lease period the customers will be given an offer to purchase the cars at market price or upgrade to any other BMW vehicle.

The most interesting thing about the lease is that the customer can have 100% funding of the vehicle cost. Presently the scheme has now been launched in six Indian states – Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Karnataka.

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