Dubai Police Department Stuck Across Off-Road, Adds 2015 GMC Sierra To The Fleet

If patrolling the desert is a clear motive of the Police department, then a pickup truck is the most suitable option to go for. After the purchase of numerous sueprcars and exotic sports machines, the police department of Dubai just realized that, after all, the country is a desert. Making the suitable move of a pickup truck will just make the job easier rather than those gas guzzlers which are best only for the tourist attractions.

As per the latest news break, it was just confirmed police officials of Dubai now undertaken the GMC Sierra into the fleet, which by our means will prove more useful rather than just a tourist attraction, unlike others.

However, the model is from the latest cadre of the fleet, as called the one from 2015 make. It is a single cab pickup, and as per the photos sent by them it depicts the show in the arid area. The channel, Twitter, where the spokesperson posted this image as a confirmation of the intake mentioned it for some serious ‘off-road’ duty. However, despite the raging development in country, some of its areas are still consisted of desert and rough gravels, mostly in the south.

Dubai Police Department Stuck Across Off-Road, Adds 2015 GMC Sierra To The Fleet
Hence, no more words to say now. The 2015 GMC Sierra looks very familiar with the backdrop in the livery of Dubai Police, but seems the odd-man-out when stood in comparison with those exotic siblings of the fleet. Doesn’t anyone make exotic pickups as well? Ah, Mercedes is just doing it right. The pickup with a Benz star will surely find many buyers in the Middle East!

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