Dunlop India to revamp Ambattur unit under Falcon tyres

Tyre maker Dunlop India was suffering production crisis with its operations suspended at Ambattur unit due to labour unrest. Now the company plans to get back to full-fledged operations with associate company Falcon Tyres after settlement of disputes.

Dunlop India denied all allegations of adopting a wrong strategy to handle labours, said that the restructuring and downsizing of employees should have been completed in October 2009, ahead of its plant’s reopening. The Kolkata based company said the downsizing was critical to run profitably and sustain operations.

Dunlop India to revamp Ambattur unit under Falcon tyres
The Ambattur plant was reopened in October 2009, after reaching a settlement with the labourers in July, 2009. The company attributed the ‘increasing indiscipline’ of the workers forced the management to suspend all operations. And now they are keen on utilizing the plant’s full potential.

Dunlop India has 500 workers and produces about 90 million tones of rubber products at its Chennai plant.

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