Electric Vehicle stamped with Government Subsidy

Many of you might not even know that our country has already started selling electric vehicles (both four and two wheelers). Yes, our country has already started its approach towards electric vehicles, while few of the countries don’t even know how to spell the word properly. Anyways, the country had many issues regarding its price on one hand and infrastructure cost on the other. Few days back we wrote an article where we mentioned that our Indian government has always been and always will be ready to participate in any of the event that is in interests of environment. As usual, our government has proved us right once again. So, our Indian Government as a healthy initiative has started to help in reducing its price by the help of government subsidy.

So, due to this generous subsidy the price of these electric vehicles has not drastically been cut short, but yes they have come down enough to make you think about the environment first before thinking about the size of your pocket. What made us think so? The reason that we are going so over board about it is because the sales of Mahindra REVAi has increased two fold during last three months. As soon as the ministry announced the massive reduction in the price of renewable energy, the sales of electric scooters has touched the sky. But that was in November and that was before the subsidy. Now, when government has issued subsidy on the Electric Vehicles, the sales has increased to even more now. As a matter of fact our very own government is ready to provide a maximum subsidy of Rs 1,00,000 for four wheelers and Rs 50,000 for two wheelers. No, we didn’t make any mistake while putting zero’s and it is exactly what it is written.

Government of India has started this initiative in order to help the general public of India and also to promote the message of “clean environment, green environment”. As a pre-planned strategy (that’s what we think) the government first decreased the price of renewable energy and then later on provided the public with the subsidy that too on both two wheelers and four wheelers. But the government is much wiser than you think they have also said that in order to enjoy the subsidy, the various companies have to make sure that there is 30 percent of local products used in the vehicles. One of the news daily reported that, Government’s generous subsidy on the electric vehicles have decreased the model cost while the sales figures has taken a sharp sprint. Anways, it is a wise move by the government of India once more. So, how many of you are thinking to buy an EV now?

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