Engineering students from India comes up with sensational car designs

With the new sensational news coming in, we may have automobile giants of the likes of BMW and Audi pitching tent at our college campuses to drop in for ideas. The country has always shown promise, and it’s now that it has come to live up to it. Students are grabbing attention, getting some head honchos to take notice, and creating waves cross country. Cars form the integral part of ‘boys and their games’, as the saying goes, and for a bunch of Indian engineering college students this fascination for cars has yielded results for the world to awe at.

It all started when the District Collector T.Munnu Swammy took note of the work of a few engineering students and acknowledged their hard work and time that they have indulged in. Two different groups of students had developed two models of futuristic cars that if manufactured, would not only create ripples, but change the automobile scenario of the world. One of the cars is of amphibious nature giving it the ambivalent characteristics to scorch up the roads and even sail the rough waters, effortlessly. The car may just be a model which by present technological standards, seems farfetched and not capable of making it into the factory line for production, but it’s an achievement nonetheless which will pave way for such out of the box thinking when it comes to designing.  The group responsible for such work is from the PRIST University in Thanjavur.  Six students, namely, Rajendra Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Abhishek Raj, Chandrakanth and Sanjay Kumar under the guidance of the researchers Balansundaram , Jayraj and Murali worked their way to the news and all this from a small town of Tarangambadi,near Nagapattinam. The car harnesses solar power to run and the electric motor drives the engine at 30kmph over land and 15kmph over water.

Engineering students from India comes up with sensational car designs

While the world searches for ways of perfecting the technology to economize fuel consumption, it seems the engineering students from India have come up with an answer.  A group of students had masterminded a fuel efficient affordable car that is quite feasible for production. Alok Kumar, Amit Kumar, Ajay Kumar and Anant Kumar have come up with the designs of a car that would have a mileage of 65 kmph and would run on an 110cc petrol engine (with an LPG variant). The students have not only come up with a design or a working model, but a fully operational car that weighs in at only 135kg.  The students have shown that the car can easily notch up to speeds of 50kmph.  With a meager budget of Rs.35,000, the students have outclassed many veterans in their own field. The students went for a smarter choice by using a sturdy yet lightweight steel alloy, rejecting the costlier mix of Aluminium, Magnesium and Carbon fiber use in fabricating the car.

With such amazing stories coming in, this will not only draw the attention of car manufacturers to invest and research using the bright minds from our Indian colleges, but this will also make the Universities take notice of our Indian talents and give them a lease to take on some exciting and daring projects.

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