F1 assistance for Mercedes A-Class AMG Hatchback

It stays hidden beneath closed doors, to be revealed only when the right time comes. The devil rests with formidable silence. And once the doors are opened, it lashes out like a bat straight out of hell. The legacy of Mercedes Benz has been instrumental since the past few decades. Power and performance have been redefined to a great extent and along with that, the new Mercedes A-Class AMG is meaner than its predecessors. With the grunge in its power-packed engine, Mercedes aims to set a benchmark for hatchback vehicles and is henceforth seeking the assistance of F1 division to earmark A-Class as one of the most powerful set of hatchbacks to ever roll out of Mercedes Benz Garage. Considered amongst the leading luxury-car makers, Mercedes has always been upgrading its models from mean to meaner to meanest.

Mercedes wants A-Class to stand up to all other hatchback makers and outshine every other small-segment car rolling on the roads and henceforth has approached the F1 division to boost up the car’s ergonomics. The new Mercedes A-Class AMG is said to boast of a powerful 4-cylinder engine which is something that is rare in the hatchback market but Mercedes plans to make A-Class AMG the toughest hatchback to ever set wheels on any road. Stuttgart seems to have become a hub spot of power where AMG has finally gripped Mercedes A-Class and very soon the meanest hatchback will be revealed to the enthusiasts.

F1 assistance for Mercedes A-Class AMG Hatchback
Mercedes Benz decided to seek the backing of its F1 division and henceforth approached HighPerformanceEngines which is considered as one of the most proficient English Firms oriented towards building engines for F1 heavyweight McLaren as well as newbie Force India. Mercedes seems to be the first general car which HighPerformanceEngines will be assisting and the A-Class has luck on its side to become the first car to be revved up by the firm. Recently it was said that McLaren F1 will now be powered by four-cylinder turbocharged engines as per the initiative taken by FIA and the same engines will be boosting up Mercedes A-Class AMG.

There is an intense war raging between all the auto-makers over the hatchback segment and we are getting to see the latest hatchbacks tuned up to the core, hitting the markets now and then. Mercedes Benz has its A-Class as well as the B-Class hatchbacks in the market and both of them are highly acknowledged and revered in the market. But now by pulling F1 division into the picture and revving up A-Class AMG, Mercedes has instigated a fear amongst its counterparts as there has never been a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in a hatchback ever. Presently Mercedes A-Class AMG has the toughest compatriot as Audi RS3 and then there are other hatchbacks such as Volkswagen Golf GTi, Ford Focus RS and Renault Sport Megane which have a long way to go in order to reach Mercedes A-Class AMG and Audi RS3.

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