FIAT 500 cars will now have 5 and 7-seater variants

FIAT is finally in the race and competing hard by planning to introduce various models of its 500 series car, hence, the birth of the FIAT 500L (read “Large”).

The vehicle will sport an elongated look, stretched by almost 60 mm. It will have 5 doors, higher top-crown, but the front end will have no changes. The new FIAT 500L will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming Geneva Motor show in March, this year.

FIAT 500 cars will now have 5 and 7-seater variants

FIAT will roll out two versions of the vehicle, a 5 seat standard passenger car and also a 7-seater version. The 7-seater will be a bit longer than the 5-seater and will begin sales in Europe come July, 2012. The United States gets only the 5-seater model as Americans may not be too fond of the bigger 7-seater vehicle.

Both models will have a petrol and diesel version powered by a 900 cc, 2 cylinder engine, with the petrol version (1.4 liter) revving up 77/105 horsepower and the diesel (1.3 liter) 75/95 horsepower. Both models will be manufactured at FIAT’s Serbia facilities in partnership with the Serbian government. FIAT owns a two third share in this FDI induced partnership. FIAT will invest approximately 700 million Euros to fund this plant.

FIAT 500 cars will now have 5 and 7-seater variants

The FIAT 500 has been termed as an adorable car and has great interiors. The new 500L will most likely have better and plusher interiors. German ace formula driver Michael Schumacher owns the FIAT 500 and it’s yet to be seen if he opts for the new model of FIAT 500L.

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