Fiat all set to go full steam after sealing Maruti deal

This year is set to become a good one for Fiat as it has finalized a deal with Maruti Suzuki India Pvt Ltd and as a result of this, Fiat will be able to manufacture additional one lakh units of diesel models in the market. This deal has opened prospects for Fiat in the thriving Indian automobile market and thus now Fiat in collaboration with Maruti will be launching more diesel variants of their cars respectively. After this deal was sealed Maruti has gained the right to make Fiat Diesel engines at its own plant and thus the engine of both the car makers will be the same. As the result, this will boost the demand for the diesel cars made by Maruti and Fiat and thus both auto-makers will rise jointly.

Fiat all set to go full steam after sealing Maruti deal

Tata will also rise subsequently as Fiat India Automotive Limited also known as FIAL is a joint collaboration between Fiat and India’s most revered automobile heavyweight Tata Motors. Fiat will attain optimum capacity of the production of diesel engines as soon as it starts production work now as the deal has given wings to Fiat and thus they can in collaboration with Maruti manufacture more than a lakh diesel engines in a year thus giving a huge boost in the sales of the cars of both the automobile bigwigs. Presently Fiat operates out of Ranjangaon based near Pune and records 70% utilization of its total production of cars but now this will escalate up to 100% after the deal with Maruti to jointly manufacture diesel engines from their own manufacturing plants. Presently Fiat manufactures 1.3 L diesel and also 1.4 L Fire gasoline engines from its Ranjangaon plant but plan to make better engines now from the plant owing to the success of the deal with Maruti.

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