Fiat Punto Evo And Avventura To Receive A Powerful Treatment With T-Jet Engine

Italians can give anyone a complex for their passion of high speed machines. Nowhere else than the said, Fiat, the true Italian in the consumer class is no exception at all. Though the looks of Italian cars had been amazing, but insane from the perception of sophisticated buyers, it’s blistering thought that they still sell well in the markets. Despite such admiration at its bay, Fiat due to the market condition is compelled to shift from one pole to another for satisfying the hunger of success, where now it is scooped by a source of bringing the more powerful version of Punto, the hatchback, and the hatchback-turned-crossover Avventura soon to India.

As spied in the spied photograph, claims the Punto Evo of using a more powerful engine called ‘T-Jet’, lifted from the Linea sedan.

The Punto and Avventura had been already weighing much than the rivals, some fear with the more powerful engine they would become the beast of the segment swallowing up the rest in a jiff, that too in the typical Italian manner. If possibly launched, their only rival in the competition are those Volkswagen’s successful models of Polo GT TSI and TDI. The TSI of petrol, a strict competitor to the said of Fiat, is powered by a 1.2-litre engine with direct-injection turbo motor and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. On the flipside, Punto is bound to receive no advancements in the turbo motor as about to do with that same turbo churning machine and a five-speed manual gearbox, a very appealing fact for the enthusiasts.

Fiat Punto Evo And Avventura To Receive A Powerful Treatment With T-Jet Engine

Prices are expected to be somewhere in the vicinity of Rs 8 lakh for Avventura and Rs 7 lakh for the Punto Evo. The Evo with T-Jet is going to be the most powerful hatchback if launched in this country for a price under Rs 10 lakh bracket. Whirl of 110bhp at the tap and a manual gearbox to handle it, is what the car enthusiast are needed to pump the hell out of the adrenaline on the roads of India. Very excited to get our hands on!

(Fuel-efficient buyers please excuse…)

Image Courtesy: Autocar India

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