Fire destroys another Tata Nano

Months after Tata Motors had introduced some changes to the Tata Nano to curb rumors regarding the safety design of the car, it has now been reported that another Tata Nano catches fire. This time, it is in Ahmedabad. It seems that all efforts taken by Tata Motors to dispel the rumors has gone waste with this recent development.

Sources say that near the Shivranjani junction in Ahmedabad, one Mr Vipul Jani was driving his Tata Nano when the the rear portion of the car caught fire. Mr Jani got out of the car with the help of passerbys and then called the fire officials. Mr Vipul Jani was heard as saying that it hasn’t been a year since he brought the car and this had happened. He further elaborated that the engine portion of the car had been gutted in the fire incident. It can be recalled that Tata Motors had earlier taken all sorts of preventive measures to ensure that this incidents wouldn’t be repeated. It is also noteworthy that during the earlier fire incidents, Tata Motors had denied that the it wasn’t a mistake from their part and the owners had made some modifications to the car’s interiors which resulted in the wiring system to get short circuited and hence the car caught fire.

The company had introduced a heat shield on the tail pipe and also added a fuse to the wiring but then it seems that the Tata Nano still has a problem of going up in flames. As of now, Tata Motors have taken up the car for further tests and to determine if the vehicular design is a problem or anything else. A police report has been also submitted by Mr Vipul Jani.

3 thoughts on “Fire destroys another Tata Nano

  1. Tata Motors had stated on March 2, the day of the incident in Ahemdabad, that Tata Motors reaffirms that the up-dations carried out on the Nano eliminates any possibility of the incident
    that occurred in an old Nano in Ahmedabad today. As admitted by the owner there were certain unauthorized electrical fitments in the car which may be the cause of the incident. Tata Motors is investigating
    the incident. The company would like to re-iterate that the Tata Nano is a robust car.
    Kind regards,
    Debasis Ray
    Head – Corporate Communications
    Tata Motors

    1. Mr. Ray, i bought my Tata Nano LX from Concorde Motors, Chennai in Oct 2010. Now it has run 3000 kms in 5 months. Last week I received a call from Concorde Motors asking me to take the car to OMR Check point as there is a “Recall Notice” for the wiring kit. It was replaced free of cost. The very next time I was driving the car out, the rear of the car burst into flames. Luckily I was at a busy junction and the people poured sand etc to put out the fire. OMR Checkpoint came and towed the car to their place. After “investigation” they say that a “foreign object” namely a plastic sheet was found inside the engine compartment which meleted and caused the wiring kit to burn. On top of it they blamed me for the foreign object and hence are asking me to pay for the repairs :-(. And I do NOT even know how to open the engine compartment!!!. It is obvious that they have left behind the plastic sheet carelessly inside the engine compartment when they changed the wiring kit and now they are blaming me !

      Will you help me please. Thanks

  2. My nano also caught fire. Co. rep. say the car was bought to workshop for brake down. I give below letter written by me to them.

    Dear Mr Bharathi Adiyar
    Customer Relation Manager

    This has reference to your letter No. 1-12076820393/1-12076655149 dated 31.3.2011.

    We are surprised to find from the contents of your letter that the car was reported brake down and you have to tow the same all the way to your Kandivali workshop from Goregaon.

    Please update your records that the car was catched fire and filled with smoke. Myself alongwith my mother, my wife, and daughter were trapped in smoke filled car and somehow people rescued us from the car.

    Your Mr Shubhunkar told us that this car was not upgraded with modification to make it safe against fire. They have now fitted some new kit to safeguard the car, and there will not be any such incidence in future.

    Please note that this car was repaired under name CAMPAIGN UPDATION FOR R-R OF FUEL LINE FILTER TO RAIL ON 5.8.2010.

    In spite of upgradation to prevent car from fire, on 28.3.2011, the car catched fire. We were fortunate to escape from the burning car.

    Myself and my family members are reluctant to use this defective Nano car in future.

    You are requested to keep the car with yourself and refund our hard earned money including taxes, duties, insurance etc.

    Hope you will do the needful and uphold TATA’s image.


    -ps sawant

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