Force One SUV to be launched on 19th August 2011


Force Motors long awaited SUV, Force One, would officially be launched in India on 19th August 2011. The company in a bid to build a serious brand for itself has chosen the angry young man from yesteryears, Amitabh Bachchan, to be its brand ambassador. However, Amitabh’s role would be similar to what Shahrukh Khan did with the Hyundai Santro. He would be shown as using the Force One SUV on a day to day basis to emphasize the point to the car buying populace in India. That it carries a Mercedes heart is well known and the ruggedness of Force vehicles in India is also a known thing, however a celebrity with the following like Mr Bachchan would definitely drive home the point. We just hope that it doesn’t meet the same fate as the Maruti Versa which the Bachchan father and son duo endorsed.

The expected pricing for this Force One SUV is supposed to be around the Rs 12-14 lakhs mark. At this price point, its main competition would now be the Tata Aria 4×2 and to some extent the Mahindra Scorpio and also the Tata Safari 4×4. It is expected that Mr Bachchan would be present at the launch of this vehicle.

Force One SUV

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  1. Force motors is a established brand in transport vehicles it’s good to see them in consumer market if performance and delivery schedule is good it will be a super hit model.

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