Ford adopts ‘The Fiesta Experience’ mantra in India

An innovative campaign called ‘The Fiesta Experience’ was launched by Ford on Friday in hopes of getting real people together to talk about their experiences. The whole idea behind the campaign is to focus directly and engaging in real people’s experiences. This provides the company to build an instant connection with the masses through this campaign. ‘The Fiesta Experience’ gives a new feel in advertising and connects directly with customers. The campaign highlights experiences of four people that are allowed to experience and explore the unique features in the new Fiesta. The features that the new Fiesta has are not even found in high end and luxury cars.

The campaign adopts the digital medium to showcase the new Fiesta going live on all channels as part of the strategy. Commenting on the strategic approach adopted, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Ford India, Nigel Wark, explains that the primary idea behind the innovative approach on the launch of the new Fiesta in India was to create the awareness of all their activities by getting real people and sharing their experiences together for the first time. Wark further added that the new Fiesta had the best and first class features that are miles ahead in competition with their own cars and also setting the car on par or even further ahead among all other cars in the same or higher end segment cars. He told that the global campaign stands a class apart in its characters in the world of advertising. He told the campaign is unique and different from the usual advertising standards and adds quality to its overall appeal.

The commercial highlights the new features in the new Fiesta experienced by four real, articulate and interesting people who get the opportunity to share their experiences by getting behind the wheels and get a real feel of the differentiators in the new car. The impressions are shared in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The four people chosen in order to directly target audiences globally are video journalist Vikram Aditya Singh, professional sportsperson Monica Joon, travel writer Shruti Sharma and adventure consultant Archit Rakheja.

As part of the campaign, the participants embark on a 10-day Delhi to Dio trip, which is a 1310-km drive. The chosen participants are allowed to experience the differentiators in the new Fiesta such as the cruise control, voice control (blue tooth), unrivalled safety and fuel efficiency, features which are not available even in high end or luxury cars.

Vice President, Anurag Mehrotra, Marketing, Ford India says that the approach is indeed unconventional in the industry, but allows Ford to connect directly with customers by sharing their experiences in their advertisements. He says Ford would know what consumers feel about their product all the time and said that this direct, unbiased and honest reality check would help brand Ford’s position in the market.

This new innovative campaign would go live on August 19 through leading publications followed by a 40-second commercial on television broadcasted on channels digitally. Through social networks, Ford has been actively talking and listening to its customers and have their views updated all the time.

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