Ford Assembles Mustang GT Convertible On The Top Of World’s Tallest Building

The reason is unknown why every automaker wants to please Dubai on their remarkable anniversaries. One such example after the Aston Martin airlifted its Vanquish on Burj Al Arab hotel helipad, now it’s Ford that assembled the latest-gen Mustang GT Convertible on the 112th floor of Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building.

In 1965 when the Blue Oval logoed company unveiled its Mustang Convertible for the first time, the event was held on top of Empire State Building, which was world’s tallest at that time. But now the automaker once again has made the mark by adapting to the Burj Al Khalifa.

Six Ford engineers took the charge of assembling Mustang GT Convertible from the pieces to a whole car.  Hence, such an excitement by Ford was done as a part of the promotional strategy as the company is bound to launch 25 of its models in the Middle East and Africa by 2016 where Mustang is also one.

Ford Assembles Mustang GT Convertible On The Top Of World's Tallest Building

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