Ford B Max set to make a late 2013 entry into the Indian car markets

Indian MPV market is now bustling with cars fighting it out to make a break. The car makers are producing the MPV variants of their products in large numbers to get ahead in the competition. It’s a mean market out there with all the companies introducing new variants every month.

Adding to the competitive market is Ford and their latest model the Ford B Max. The company has decided on a five door MPV that would be hitting the Indian markets in the initial phase of the coming year itself. Ford model, the Ford Fusion hadn’t made much of an impact on the world market. The Ford B Max seems to be the right choice to replace the Fusion model in the European markets. In India, Ford Fusion was discontinued after it flopped in all departments.

Ford B Max set to make a late 2013 entry into the Indian car markets

Ford has plans to launch eight new models in the world markets and also in India. The Ford B Max is part of the planned eight car launch. The Ford team is banking quite a lot on this MPV to turn the game around in their favor. The company hasn’t had a good run recently given the sheer losses incurred from the production and lack of sales of their Fusion model. After being ousted from most of the world markets it’s finally being replaced with B Max.

Another car that is amongst the fabulous eight that is so hyped about is the Ford EcoSport. The car had been unveiled at the recent Auto Expo in New Delhi. The Ford EcoSport gained a lot of popularity from its unveiling and the car makers are quite expectant to make big sales on this product.

By 2015, Ford plans to finish of unraveling the fabulous eight onto the world market. First of them is the Ford B Max which was first brought out at the Geneva Motor show back in 2010. The car measures at 4.04 meters, hence with its compact design has a huge market in India.

Ford B Max set to make a late 2013 entry into the Indian car markets

The MPV doesn’t sport the typical B pillar and has pillarless doors up front and rear doors are sliding types. The car also sports a number of clever designs which has resulted in it acquiring a EuroNCAP 5 star rating. Both the cars, the B Max and the EcoSport have price range close to one another, between Rs.6 lakh and Rs.8 lakhs.

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